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In 500 BC in South India, Nizamabad with 3 more districts was called Asaka country. A monk called Bavary from this place sent his 16 diciples to North India to learn Vippassana. From this place they spread Vippassana, in South India and South Eastern countries.

Dhamma Nijjanna Centre is situated in Pocharam village, which is 13km from Nizamabad district in Andhra Pradesh, India. A non-centre course was conducted in Nizamabad town in 2001 May in a hostel building with 71 students. Seeing the response of the course an old student donated his residence with 1.2 acres land in Pocharam village and with the help of other old students, one-day courses were conducted every sunday for 2 years. During that period a Dhamma hall to seat 50 was constructed and the old residence was modified into male residences for 29 students. Female residences for 25 – seven 3 bedded rooms and two double rooms all with attached toilets, a mini hall for 25, one room each for male and female AT’s, 3 rooms for Dhamma Servers and separate dining halls with kitchen were also constructed. On 15/5/2003 the first 10 day course was conducted and since then one 10-day course, on the first Wednesday of the month, children’s courses on the ending day of the 10-day course, one teenager course and one Sattipattan course per year are being conducted.

There is a plan to construct 12 single rooms with female teacher residence and shift the male students to the old female residences. There is also a plan to purchase land for the construction of the Pagoda and extension of the centre.

As Nizamabad District is near the border of Maharashtra State many students come from there too. Nizamabad is around 180 kms from Hyderabad and it would take about 3 hours to get there. From Nizamabad it is 13km to Pocharam village. There are buses which go via the centre and the Devgiri express from Hyderabad to Mumabai goes via Nizamabad.

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Dhamma Nijjhana,
Vipassana International Meditation Center,
Pocharam (Post & Village),
Yedapally (M),
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (+91) 99085-96336, 94415-25115

Requirements at Dhamma Nijjhana:

1. Permanent Water Point (Click link to view)

2. Refrigerator(Click link to view)

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