Dhamma Arama (Dhammarama)

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Dhamma Rama is located among rice fields in the Kumudavalli village, which is popularly known as Kodavalli village. This village is situated on the road going to Tanuku. The distance from the Bhimavaram railway station and the Bus station is 2 km. You can either take an auto or a bus from there going towards Tanuku to get to the centre. There is a Kanaka Durga Temple adjacent to the centre.

The centre is built on 4 acres of land and has a Dhamma Hall, which can seat 72 students and a mini hall, which can seat 30 students. There are 8 double rooms each for males and females. There is one room each for the male and female Dhamma Servers and one room for a male physically challenged student. There is one room for the Asst. Teacher and 10 individual cells for males and 8 for females. There is an office, kitchen and dining halls for male and females separately.
The first course was conducted in June 2006 and every month one 10 day course is offered and a satipattana course once a year.

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Dhamma Rama
Vipassana Meditation Centre
Kumudavalli Village, Bhimavaram Mandal, West Godavari District
Andhra Pradesh-534 210
Email: [email protected]
Phone: [+91] (08816) 236566, 9989382887